Vision: An Online Visual Journal Workshop


Vision: An Online Visual Journal Workshop

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Have you ever wondered how artists are able to layer and mix material and ephemera to create stunning journal pages? Have you ever longed to create meaningful layered pages of your own? Then this workshop is for you.

Discover how easy it is to use simple materials and techniques to create complex pages, and learn how to develop meaningful ideas using your own writing in this hands-on, visual journal workshop. Delve into the visual journal process as Eric shows you how he creates his stunning pages.

This workshop is an automatic download, and you will have instant access to the PDF of written directions. Access to the videos is obtained by clicking on the appropriate links within the PDF, but they are password protected, and you will find the password within the PDF as well. Please remember, do not share your password with anyone else.

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Intended Audience:
This workshop focuses on using a theme to create a richly layered two-page spread, and it is suitable for any and all of the following:
•    Beginners looking for instruction on creating mixed media, layered artwork
•    Experienced artists looking for a different take on the visual journal process
•    Anyone looking to use themes and big ideas in their work

What You Get for the Price:
•    50+ minutes of HD video instruction that explore more than 20 techniques
•    15+ pages of instruction with high resolution photographs and step-by-step instructions
•    A private Facebook Group to share with fellow participants.

The Workshop: 
Part #1

Engaging the Blank Page: Ease into the process by engaging the blank page with random techniques designed to get things started quickly and to lay the foundation for your work.
Establishing the Theme: Work with the theme, and learn some basic techniques for working with text.

Part #2
Creating Richness: Begin to build rich layers with a variety of materials and techniques.
Developing Meaning: Delve into the theme with some writing techniques, and learn to mine your words for ideas and meaning.

Part #3
Transitional Spaces: Learn to create connection and interaction between pages.
Working with Text: Learn more techniques for working with and transforming text.

Part #4:
Final Layers: Wrap up your work with techniques designed to emphasize elements and to tie the whole thing together.