Eric M. Scott

Eric Scott Head Shot.jpg

Eric M. Scott is a mixed media artist, an educator, and a writer born and raised in Washington, Pennsylvania.

He is dedicated to sharing his art andhelping people tap into their artistic potential and cultivate their creativity. As a former public school art educator, he frequently travels and provides workshops on the power of art and the visual journal to schools and education organizations. 

Scott might be better known as one half of the Journal Fodder Junkies. In 2005 he officially teamed up with friend and artistic accomplice David R. Modler, and this dynamic duo has been presenting ever since on the visual journal and the importance of authentic artmaking in art education at a variety of venues, conferences, and retreats. They have coauthored two bestselling books, The Journal Junkies Workshop and Journal Fodder 365, both published by North Light Books.

Eric lives in Purcellville, Virginia with his wife and their menagerie of animals.


The Studio

As a mixed media artist, Eric creates his work in his garage studio. From large non-objective acrylic paintings to small polymer clay sculptures, Eric's work centers on CONNECTION - connection to SELF, connection to PLACE, and connection to OTHERS. Much of the work explores the various ways materials, ideas, and imagery can be layered and built upon in a meditative way. Marks, colors, and imagery accumulates over time giving the work a richness and a depth unattainable in other ways.


The Visual Journal

The visual journal is an "everything book" and is vital to Eric's artwork. As a place to explore and experiment, to document and reflect, the journal is a testing ground for ideas, techniques, and imagery. All of these ideas and notions ferment and start to gel in the journal before they begin making their way into separate pieces of art. However, the goal is never to replicate a page or an image from the journal in the stand alone work, but it's to provide a place for incubation and development. To see some examples of Eric's journal pages, check out the journal pages gallery.


The Art

Eric's art consists of a wide variety of forms and imagery. Though much of his work is non-objective, consisting only of shapes, colors, and textures, some of his work is figurative containing photographs, tracings, and stylized images of recognizable objects. To see some of this work check out the art gallery.

In a separate line of inquiry, Eric has been drawing and sculpting monsters. Inspired by some of his former elementary students, the monsters have been a way to connect with the child within, and besides, they're just so much fun. Check out Eric's monster gallery.