The Journal Fodder Junkies Daily Challenge: Part 4 - Ebook

365 Part 4 Cover.jpg
365 Part 4 Cover.jpg

The Journal Fodder Junkies Daily Challenge: Part 4 - Ebook


by Eric M. Scott

Are you looking for a creative spark? Do you feel like you could use a nudge to get your art making or journaling going?

If so, this ebook might be just what you need. Inside you will find a month’s worth of prompts to get you into the art making groove. Work through each challenge day-by-day as a quick way to engage your creative energies daily, or pick several challenges to inspire larger, more complex pieces of art over time. Use the simple prompts whenever you need a creative kick in the pants!

However you choose to use the challenges within, you’ll be inspired whenever you need a creative or artistic nudge!

This is just the fourth of twelve ebooks, so stay tuned for more and be inspired each and everyday with a different visual journal challenge!

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It can be difficult to show up and get to work at times, and we could all use a creative nudge every now and then, especially when we seem to have run out of ideas or our creative flow has stalled. We can easily become creatively blocked, and it’s during those times when we could use a little jolt to get the creative juices flowing again.

This ebook series is full of such creative nudges and sparks that are designed to get you working, whether you’re working in a visual journal or working on stand alone art. This series fashions together 365 ideas, techniques, and prompts in 12 separate ebooks as a way to kickstart your creative practice. Part 4 contains the 3 more challenges for this yearlong challenge, and a new ebook will be released each month.

Note: All contents, artwork, and images are the copyright of Eric M. Scott. This ebook may be printed, but are for personal and educational use only. It may not be shared or distributed by any means mechanical or electronic, and it may not be sold or reprinted for commercial use.