Episode 2: The Rules

Ep 2 Image.jpg

About ten years ago, I came up with some rules for myself as a reminder for me to get in the studio and make art. Now, these are not completely original and I borrowed heavily from the likes of nun and artist Corita Kent and writer Patti Digh, but I put my on slant on them and adapted ten basic principles to help guide me.

They’re not hard, fast rules that cannot be broken, but they are reminders of the things that I need to do in order to keep myself creating and making, and when I feel disconnected from my art, I turn to these rules to help give me a kick in the pants.

In this episode, I share the rules and try to give a little insight into each of them through general discussion and personal anecdotes.

I hope you find some value to these rules.

Eric’s Rules:

  1. Show Up

  2. Sit Down

  3. Shut Up

  4. Ignore Everybody

  5. Get Over Yourself

  6. Start Where You Are

  7. Work

  8. Find Your Tribe

  9. Immerse Yourself

  10. Nothing is a Mistake