Episode 5: Creative Blocks

Ep 5 Image.jpg

If everyone is creative, why do so many people believe that they are not? This is the question that I posed in Episode 4: Creative Myths, but in this episode, I explore this question even further by taking a look at creativity as a spiritual act, examining the role the ego plays in creative blocks, and exploring how we can recognize when our ego is stifling us and preventing us from being creative.

By taking ideas from Eckhardt Tolle’s book, A New Earth, I delve into how creativity is all about becoming present and how resistance, judgment, and attachment are the ego’s way of stopping us in our tracks and keeping us from tapping into our innate creativity.

By recognizing when we are resisting, judging, and attached to things, we can become more aware of our creativity, and the quality of our creativity can and will change.