Dave and I have some big news to share. Some of you may know that we have submitted a proposal for a book on visual journals to several publishers. Well, after several months, we have just learned that our proposal has been accepted by North Light Books. North Light publishes a lot of books about art and has published several books on visual journals over the last few years. So, we are going to be published, and we owe a big debt of gratitude to editor Tonia Davenport who put a lot of hard work into tweaking our proposal and presenting it to the board of senior editors.

Now there are still a lot of details to work out and things are in the earliest of stages, but as of now the book (yet untitled) will likely come out in the Spring of 2010. It seems like a long time away, but as I have been assured on several occasions, nothing in the book business moves swiftly. So if you are interested in the book but can't wait that long, we do have our booklet as mentioned in a previous post.
And that leads me to our other news, the JFJ website has been updated and tweaked, and now can accept online orders for the booklet as well as other merchandise and art prints. We have set up features through PayPal that will allow for the acceptance of all major credit cards and PayPal accounts. Also we would appreciate any feedback about the website in order to make it more informative, more interactive, and easier to use. Please email us.

Thanks for all the support, and we will post updates about the book as they come up.