Connection and Growth

This two-page spread was stated over the last two days in reaction to my week at NCCAT. It began as some spontaneous spirals and curves thinking about the connections that I have with people both existing connections and new connections. The curving, spiraling lines represent growth - the ability to grow where you are planted, and the squares and straight lines represent structure and how it is only under the right conditions that this growth can happen. I am just so grateful to all the connections and re-connections in my life - grateful to all the people who have touched my life in some way. And all these connections are chances for me to grow - to become more of who I am - to reach out and connect with others and help others along their personal journey on planet earth. To know how you have changed the world and touched lives is an important gift. So this spread, although in just the beginnings of its evolution - its growth, is dedicated to all those people who have come into my life, who have shared their journey with me. I thank you all for the ripples that you have left in my life.