IF - Flawed

This is my journal page for this week's Illustration Friday prompt "flawed". I had a strong preconceived idea of how I wanted this page to turn out, and I did not do my customary writing before hand. I wanted to convey the idea of how we as humans are so very afraid to admit that we are flawed and do almost anything to hide those flaws from the world. By denying our flaws and our mistakes we truly deny ourselves.

But I feel that this page doesn't quite convey that. Instead, it turned out to convey more of a message of being consumed by our flaws. The face, which is a loose self-portrait, dissolves into the background as it is overwhelmed by the various elements. I approached this page in a very spontaneous way keeping my technique loose and "flawed".

Despite not turning out they way I had envisioned, I really like this piece, and it seems very different from my usual pages.