IF - Pale

This week's Illustration Friday topic led to this page in my large journal. I began with some word association with the prompt "pale" which lead me to ghosts and apparitions and the idea of being invisible. As I went through a list of words and phrases that I associated with "pale", an idea solidified. I caught a hold of the idea how some people go go through their lives being rather invisible to others. They are afraid or uncomfortable being out front or the center of attention. They are happy in the background.

But this page has a lot of personal significance to me. At times, I feel almost like a split personality - the one that likes to be out front, center stage, and the one that likes to be in the background observing the situation. I can be rather shy and introverted under certain circumstances which is hard for some people to believe especially with my years of teaching and presenting workshops and seminars. Those are very outward, front and center tasks. But there is, like with most people, a hidden side a quiet side to me. But over the last 4 or 5 years, I have learned to shine.

And this is a call for people to stop being ghosts and barely there in their lives, and to break out, stop hiding, and to SHINE. We all have amazing things to share with the world - what a shame not to share our precious gifts.