I've been meaning to share this ever since I saw that not only had our book up for pre-order, but also posted an image of the book cover. We've known for quite some time what the cover would look like, and we've reviewed a design copy of the book. And we must say that it looks awesome. The designer at F+W, Kelly O'Dell, did an amazing job making the book feel like it is a journal. She used one of Dave's journals for the cover, and converted one of the stickers into the title, and added little bits and pieces of digital fodder - including pictures of the two of us - to give the cover the feel of one of our journals. The inside is just as well designed, and she used many of our journal pages as the backdrop to the text. I can't wait to get a copy of the actual book in my hands.

If you would like to pre-order it, you can go to or Barnes & Noble. If you would like to wait for a signed copy, Dave and I will be selling those directly from our website once the book drops in May. It's still unbelievable that soon our book will be in bookstores across the country. Very, very cool.