NAEA and Baltimore

Dave and I just got back from the National Art Education Association's convention in Baltimore where we presented two presentations and went to many other presentations. It was a great time - lots of good information, good companionship, good food, and good discussions. One of our presentations was titled the Educator and the Artist: the Journey Continues. Organized by our friend Brooke from Ohio, the presentation focused on how we all pursue our own art while teaching art. We shared the stage with Brooke, Sam, and Heather while examining our habits and our stategies. Our other presentation was just the two of us and was about our forthcoming book and was titled after the book - The Journal Junkies Workshop: Visual Ammunition for the Art Addict. Dave an I talked of our journey to the visual journal and how all of our experiences with the journal and presenting about the journal have led to the book.

Both presentations went extremely well, and we had very positive feedback. It was great to see so many people excited about what we do and about our book. I only wish that we had had the book to sell. We could have easily sold a couple hundred copies. But we passed out a lot of postcards promoting the book, so hopefully many will pre-order it or buy it once it comes out.

So, we thank all those that came out to our presentations, talked with us between sessions, and shared a part of our journey in Baltimore. We appreciated seeing old friends and meeting new ones, and we just know that we are really onto something huge and powerful.