Personal Mythology

For this week's challenge, I began to think about the stories that I have told myself throughout the years. I kept coming back to the feeling of being an outsider. Throughout my life I have been the outsider in many circumstances including my own family. I was always a little bit different - more quiet, more introspective, more to myself. This feeling was at its height during adolescence when I longed to fit in at high school. Even to this day, there are times when I feel like I'm on the outside looking in. I guess that in ways I relish the feeling.

I started off this page by applying watercolor with a paint scraper. I wrote in both pen and pencil, and added some collage. I added watercolor pencil and water-soluble pencil, and the self portrait was a stencil that I cut using a favorite photograph - the same as I used in the "I am" spread.