Celebrating a Small Milestone

The Journal Fodder Junkies Official Facebook Page hit 700 likes today. It’s a small milestone, but a very meaningful one. Since the end of December I have been on a mission to connect with myself and with others in more meaningful ways, and to that end, I have tried to journal more, blog more, and post more to Facebook. It has been wonderful to see new subscribers to our YouTube channel, new followers of the blog, and new Facebook likes. Focusing just on Facebook for the moment, we have gotten over 120 new likes over the last five months. It’s a very modest number, but it means that we have connected with 120 people who are looking for inspiration or who simply want to keep up with us. That’s pretty fantastic, and I wanted to celebrate it. It has been my sincerest wish to grow our audience, to connect with more people, and to share our message. I think that we have something unique to offer, and I am very appreciative of the growing connections.

So, thank you so much to those 120 for the new likes, but also thank you and the deepest of gratitude to anyone who has been following us for any amount of time online and in person. We feel truly blessed every time someone signs up for our workshops, attends a lecture, leaves a comment, sends a message, or emails us. To know that we are connecting and reaching people is what this journey has been all about. We certainly do appreciate the support.

Of course, we are always looking to connect to more people and spread our message and our inspiration even further, so please keep commenting, sharing, and connecting. You have all been an inspiration to us.

Thank you once again, and maybe soon we can celebrate 1000 likes!