Goodbye, Kudzu


Our household is a bit emptier and much more somber, as we said goodbye this weekend to our sweet and crazy kitty girl, Kudzu. Joanne got Kudzu as a kitten eighteen years ago in Georgia, and named her after the fast growing vine.

Scan 268.jpeg

Kudzu was a sweet girl, and she loved to be petted and scratched. She also loved to sleep on Joanne's pillow at night and was notorious for pulling Joanne's hair.

Scan 261.jpeg

Kudzu was a bit of an odd cat, and was often referred to by our friends as Kray-zu. Before I met Joanne, Kudzu once spent the day inside the refrigerator jumping in unnoticed as Joanne closed the door. Joanne came home to find a slightly chilled cat and part of the butter had been licked and nibbled on. While Joanne was freaking out worried that her cat had just spent 8 hours in the fridge, Kudzu acted like it was no big deal and everything was normal.

Scan 269.jpeg

In the end, Kudzu suffered some kidney issues, and her health slowly deteriorated over the past couple of months. She became less interested in food, consistently lost weight, and stayed in her heated bed much of the time. When she completely stopped eating, and became almost completely immobile, we made the painful decision. She was aided to the Rainbow Bridge, by our good friend veterinarian Krisi Erwin.

We are quite saddened, and we will miss Kudzu's snuggles as well as her silly antics. She was definitely one of a kind, and we loved her very much!

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