Art and Soul: Virginia Beach 2017


A week ago, I was extremely fortunate to teach in Virginia Beach at Art and Soul. It was nice having something like it so close to home. I've travelled all over, and when flying it's always a challenge to take what you need to teach these types of workshops. But last week, I was able to load up the car and go. Virginia Beach is only a four hour drive away.

The weather was perfect, and the hotel was right on the beach. But the most amazing part were the awesome students! I began my three days of teaching with an evening Stencil Savvy class where students learned to cut their own stencils using Grafix Blue Stencil Film and a craft knife. Most students were able to cut one full stencil, and several were able to cut two or three.


A couple of days later, it was nice to see how one student, Donna used her stencil in another class. 


I taught a full day art postcard class the second day, Wish You Were Here. Originally I only had one student signed up, and I was already to have a one-on-one class, but at the last minute, I had two students sign up. So we spent the day exploring layering and working with personal themes. It was awesome to have a small class where everyone got to spread out, and we had a great time chatting and carrying on, and of course making art!

Small works of art allow you explore a lot of ideas and techniques without a huge investment of time or materials.


For my last day in Virginia Beach, I taught a full day journal class, Journal Fodder Junkies of the World Unite. This class was based on the first workshops that David and I taught many years ago. When we began teaching workshops together at educational conferences, this was the title we used. This was a basic journal workshop, and it was great to see so many people in the class.


We spent the day exploring a lot of different techniques and a variety of themes in our pages. In general, we spent the day dropping art bombs. It's amazing the stuff students bring to the events.

I am truly grateful to everyone who came out to Virginia Beach and spent some time making art with me. I love sharing my art and my journey. Thank you all so very much. I had a great time, and I am looking forward to going back in 2018.

If you missed out on the fun. We always have something in the works, and I am in the process of scheduling classes for Spring 2018. Check out our Events and Workshops page for the most up-to-date listing of classes, conferences, and workshops.