My Creative Journey is now available!


I can’t believe that my new book My Creative Journey has been published! It seems like I just started working on it, and it was just a week ago that I was announcing that it was finished when I shared a look at the cover. It’s amazing how different self-publishing is to traditional publishing.

When David and I published our first book, The Journal Junkies Workshop, it took about two years to go from acceptance to publication. With My Creative Journey, I mulled over the idea of self publishing for a couple of years, but I’ve only worked on the book for the past two months. In early August, I began photographing and editing pages from my journals figuring out things as I went along. I’m computer savvy, but I am by no means a wiz with Photoshop or InDesign, and there were a lot of challenges. But I plodded along putting in hours and hours of work to get the book together.

I wrapped everything up a week ago, and uploaded it to Kindle Direct Publishing, and ordered a proof. I don’t sound very excited in the video that I recorder this past Monday, but I really was. The book looks gorgeous, and it is truly how I imagined it. The quality is awesome - from the paper to the printing, and I’m even more excited now that I got notification on Tuesday that the book was live on

I mean, wow! Wow! WOW!

Just like that, the book is out there and people are ordering it. I’ve ordered a bunch to be able to sell in person, and I can’t wait to get them. But it somehow feels a bit surreal, like did I just really do that - put together a book and publish it in two months?

And, YES! Yes I did, and I can’t wait to hear what people think of it! If you get a copy, please let me know what you think, and please leave a review on Amazon.

Journal Pages Cover.jpg

Oder your copy today! And of course, I appreciate any help in spreading the word! So, please share, post, and give shout outs where you can. As always, Thank you for all of the support!