Journal Friday #53: Themes and Travel

Themes 1.jpg

Despite spending four days in Portland teaching at Art and Soul, I was able to find quite a bit of time to work in my journal, especially during those in between times, and I began to develop some ideas and themes in both my big and little journals. I traditionally like to start a new journal with an I Am page so I added the words to the first page of my big book. Also, this week I've seen further evidence that the universe is always conspiring with us, so I had to ponder that in my journal as well, along with a few other thoughts.

I always love to journal when I travel, and I was able to begin a few new pages. One of the hazards of traveling with art supplies is that my checked luggage often gets searched. But on the bright side, the little note that TSA leaves makes for great fodder - as does the luggage tag. These bits and pieces are perfect for documenting a trip.

Finally, I was able to continue working in my small journal. This is the journal that I've been working out ideas for a new workshop, and I was able to add some embellishments to a few pages as I sat waiting at airports and restaurants. I was also able to begin a few other pages. The small size makes it easy to carry around and work in whenever I want.