Journal Friday #56: Layering

For me the journal is the slow accumulation of actions, which means that a lot of layers get built up on the pages. Though I didn't spend too much time this week working in my journal, I did manage to add some layers using watercolor paint, ink, and water-soluble pencil in both my big and little journals. Often when I layer, I kind of ignore what's already on the page, and I add lines, shapes, or colors pretty much at random, especially for the initial layers. As I develop pages, the layers get a bit more subtle as I become more deliberate with the marks that I make. Many of the pages now are in that initial stage and only have a few layers. It will take time for them to develop more completely.

I did find some time to work on a couple of other pieces using a similar layering notion, and I created a video of how layers are built up in a particular piece. For the video I used a 9"x12" piece of Strathmore 400 Series Mixed Media paper, and steadily built up layers. Of course in the journal the layering takes place over time and over many pages. But the video still gives you a glimpse into my layering, and it must be said that this isn't a set procedure that I follow when I create art or work in my journal. The sequence of layers is particular to this piece.