Journal Friday #63: Catching Up


It's been a busy few weeks, and though I've had time to work in my journal, I haven't had a chance to post a Journal Friday. So, I'm playing catch up now. I worked a lot different pages in the journal, but I'm only sharing some of them.

Before my trip to Kansas City, I went back to some earlier pages in my big journal and worked on some embellishments. I added some image transfers and some large words - even cutting out the stenciled letters from the page in one instance. I always enjoy going back to pages that I started months ago, and adding bits and pieces to develop the ideas, images, and concepts further.

Slowly over the past couple of weeks, I have added some other embellishments as well to other pages - some collage, more image transfers, some lines, faces, and color to some notes from the NAEA Convention in Seattle. I even included the scoring from a game of Farkle while I was in Kansas City. It's good to see so many pages starting to take direction.

But the bulk of the work has probably been this past week. I began cleaning and organizing the studio in preparation for the Western Loudoun Studio Tour June 2 & 3, and as I purged my stash of fodder, I tried to use up a lot of things by gluing them into the journal. I glued in old doodles and drawings, images, and text, and much, much more often using the collage to start new pages. I even glued in fodder that I collected in Kansas City, and a short vacation to the beach last week. I can't wait to see where these pages will go.

Things have settled down now, and I don't have any travel plans for a while, so hopefully I can keep up with the Journal Fridays.