Sad Week: Good Bye Neville and Pop


It has been a very sad week in our house, as we have lost two members of our furry family.

Early in this past week we said goodbye to Neville (pictured above). He was the newest member of the family, and Joanne rescued him on a trip to New Mexico. She had gone to help Soul Dog Rescue with a clinic in Crownpoint, New Mexico, and this poor, paralyzed little kitten was brought in. Joanne fell in love immediately, and brought him home as a "foster" with the goal of trying to get him healthy.

Neville was a very sweet and social little kitten, but he was extremely underweight and had extensive medical issues. At first, things looked up. He gained weight, and he seemed to be getting stronger. Unfortunately, after a little more than two weeks, he took a turn, and we had to say good bye. His life was short, but we were able to offer him love and comfort for two weeks that he wouldn't have had otherwise.


We also said good bye to the matriarch and oldest member of our furry family. Pop (above) was 18, and was born to Joanne's very first foster cat when she lived in Georgia. The litter was named after Rice Krispies, and there was Snap and Crackle along with Pop. Joanne adopted Pop as the others found homes elsewhere, and Poppy lived her entire life in a loving home.

A while back, Pop had developed kidney issues, but had bounced back quite well. She seemed like she was doing well, so we were caught off guard when we took her into Joanne's clinic for her annual check up and had to be put on IV fluids. She went downhill very quickly, and we made the decision to say goodbye.

We are very sad, and the house seems much emptier. But we are very grateful for the doctors and the staff at Leesburg Veterinary Hospital for their compassion and all of their help.

We will miss our little furry family members!