Journal Friday #118: Stories Connect Experiences


I wanted to try something a little different today, so I started with some ink drawn ovoids and used a color that I don’t use often — orange. I eventually through in some red and brown, and ended up with a color scheme that I use often. I looked back at some older journal pages and decided to stencil in the numbers and letters and to use some thick outlined squares.

I wasn’t certain of the words or theme for the spread, so I quickly flipped through my current everyday journal, and came across notes that I’ve been taking as I re-read Seth Godin’s This Is Marketing. Although Godin is talking about marketing, I just love the message the three phrases convey.

I finished off the spread by using some white paint to a transparent film to the squares.

I also want to share a flip through of my first Journal Friday Journal. I’ve been using a Strathmore hardbound mixed media journal to create the spreads for my Journal Friday time-lapse videos, and I’ve filled my first one. This week’s and last week’s Journal Friday spreads were done in a new journal, so I wanted to do a quick flip though of the filled book. I hope that you enjoy!