Rich and beautiful pages can be built up with layers of simple techniques. This page began with writing I had done on index cards and glued in. Then I used watercolor and watercolor pencil. I often get to a point where I'm not certain what to do with a page, and I'll leave it until months later when I have that one piece of fodder that just seems to fit or something I have done on one page leads to a solution. This page developed slowly over months. Freeing myself to work in this nonlinear fashion has allowed me to have pages that feel more finished.

But it is still all about the process. I rarely have an idea in mind of what I want the finished page to look like. I allow each page to develop it's own way often employing similar techniques from page to page. More and more, I am trying to be more spontaneous, hence the bold words on this page: "Dive In. Throw Down." The idea of "throwing down" in the journal is to really get caught up in the process.