Collaborative Journal

When I returned from Cincinnati, a pleasant surprise awaited me - the collaborative journal that I am doing with Bean. I eagerly opened it and was once again blown away by what she had done in it. So, I had to scan a few of the spreads to share. The spread above has evolved since I first posted it back in January. I am really liking the layers on this page and the solidity of the "vines".

This spread was started by Bean stamping the blue-green circles near the center with what appears to be a wine cork. When I had the journal in January, I added to it by tracing my hand, collaging in the map of Asheville, NC and the Burt's Bees package, and writing a bit. She then added to it by tracing her hand, writing, adding the color, and collaging as well. Since I have gotten it back, I've added a bit of red and black ink.

I started this two page spread by tracing the circle, and cutting the left half so now the left half is a door the opens onto the next page. I then collaged in the neon green paper, stenciled the words "I want to be here" in red ink, and stuck on the word "synchronicity". The rest was all Bean as she meticulously drew in the radiating design, added the color which appears to be watercolor pencil and colored pencil, and added the writing with pen and gel pen.

I am enjoying the collaborative process so much, and I am astonished with how our two styles are meshing. I like the comfort and permission to add to a page someone else has started - to look for those places that "speak" to me.

Once again, I thank Bean for her work, dedication, and inspiration.