JFJ Return From Cincinnati

Dave and I arrived safely back at Dulles International Airport on Saturday, and slowly we've been getting back into the routine. Cincinnati was great, and things for the photo shoot went smoothly. Working with editor Liz and photographer Christine made the process very easy and very fun. It's always nice to meet people who can appreciate our sense of humor.

But the week was a good behind the scenes look at the publishing industry. We met with sales, marketing, and design people and got a clearer idea of the publishing process and a clearer vision for our book. The next step in the process is to write captions for the photos we took and to finish up the manuscript.

So we thank F&W Media and specifically North Light Crafts for the opportunity to publish our book, and we thank Liz and Christine for all their hard work last week and for basically putting up with us.

The above photo by Christine Polomsky is our concept for our author photos. It is just so us.

Spring 2010 is when the book will be released. We'll keep you updated.