Full Circle Moments

Over the last few years Dave and I have had quite a few full circle moments, but none were as big as Dave having the chance to not only see an exhibition of the work of Dan Eldon, but also to meet Dan's mother Kathy. Dave was in LA last week for the College Art Association conference, and luck would have it that the exhibition was going on at the same time with a reception last Friday, February 27. That is where Dave met Kathy Eldon. (That's Dave with Kathy above.) Anyone familiar with our story knows that Dan Eldon was truly the impetus for the Journal Fodder Junkies, and it all starts with Dave hearing about Dan's tragic story and his amazing 17 journals. The Journey is the Destination, the book published by Kathy that contains pages from Dan's journals has been a constant source of inspiration and motivation for us. We are truly indebted to Kathy Eldon for sharing Dan's story and his legacy.
This is a view of the gallery at Santa Monica College where Dan's photographs, journal pages, and journals are being displayed through March 21.

For more information about Dan Eldon, visit the website.