Today our oldest kitty lost his battle with a recent illness that saw him wither slowly as he lost weight. But he was spirited up until the end, and he fought hard. It's a difficult loss coming just two months after the loss of our dog Rudy.

But I will cherish the memories of him. He would curl up behind my wife or me on the sofa as we watched tv and place his head on one of our shoulders content to be snuggling closely. From the same position he would often try to snatch potato chips and Doritos as we snacked on them. He was a bit of a stinker in that way, but most orange tabbies have that mischievous streak. He would often plant himself firmly on my wife's pillow and sprawl across her neck and shoulders especially on cold mornings, and my wife never seemed to mind. And he was known to strike out at any of our dogs who just happen to enter his personal space. He was top cat in the house, but he was such a sweet boy.

We will miss him tremendously.