A Walk in the World

The weather today was absolutely perfect, and I couldn't bare to be inside, so I decided to take my journal and my camera for a walk around town. I walked slowly and intentionally with camera in hand carefully observing the small world that is Purcellville, VA. I intentionally walked without distractions such as my iPod, and I silenced my phone. I wanted to soak up the beautiful sun shine, the drier air, and cooler temperatures, and I wanted to observe my world deliberately.
I began in my own front yard, and snapped the above photo of the echinacea in wife's flower garden.
I always pass this grassy lane on my routine walks around town. I have often wondered what is at the end of it.
Looking for a place to sit so that I could pull out my journal, I ended up in front of Magnolias at the Mill. Magnolias is a very nice restaurant and bar in Purcellville that once was an actual mill, and since it was the best view from where I was sitting, I decided to draw the facade. After a quick sketch (I later added the blue in the studio), I popped inside for a cold beverage. It was a pleasant way to spend the afternoon.

In other news, I stopped by a local bookstore later in the day to pick up the latest issue of Cloth Paper Scissors (below). A friend recently told me that The Journal Junkies Workshop was reviewed by the editor. See the review below. It is definitely nice to see good word of our book in a popular magazine with a large readership.