Pivotal People: Identity and Connection

First let me say, that I won't be posting a new challenge for this last week of March. I only want to post four challenges per month, so look for a new challenge by the end of this week or the beginning of next week to kick off April.

Now for my Pivotal People.

The last couple of weeks have been busy with the NAEA Convention in Seattle and finishing up the third quarter at school, so I'm sharing a spread from volume 13.
I chose this spread because of the theme Identity and Connection. I have developed much of my identity from the people who have influenced me - especially my Pivotal People.

My parents have always supported me, and they gave me the independence to pursue my own things. Roger and Sandy Scott taught me to work hard and to stand on my own. They encouraged my artistic endeavors, and never held me back.

I had a few teachers in high school and college who impacted me academically and artistically. Some challenged me for the good and for the bad. Some gave me freedom, and some guided me to see my true potential.

Of course I have to acknowledge Dave as pivotal in my life. He was the one who introduced me to the visual journal. He has also mentored me as an artist and a teacher, and I owe him a large debt of gratitude for the direction of my life. I am very glad that the Journal Fodder Junkies is an endeavor that we continue to share.

Just as Dave has been a mentor to me, I have been a mentor to Erin Keane, a.k.a. Bean. I met Erin several years ago, and have been grateful to share her journey. She is visible evidence of how I have changed the world, and I very much enjoy reading her thoughts and seeing her art on her blog. But Erin has challenged and inspired me, and has been an influence in some of my recent artistic successes.

Then there's Joanne, my wife. My world drastically changed when I met her, and I have cherished every bit of our journey together. She has been a constant in my life for the last ten years. She has encouraged and inspired me. She has supported and challenged me. She has understood me and comforted me. She has made me smile, laugh, and at times cry. She has given me love, joy, and the opportunity to pursue my creative notions. She is central in my life.

I am grateful to all these connections. They have influenced and guided me. They have impacted me and been responsible for the movement of my life. Thank you to all my Pivotal People.