Great News

We got some great news today. Our proposal for a new book was accepted for publication by our publisher North Light Books. So hopefully, some time in 2012 a new JFJ book will sit alongside The Journal Junkies Workshop in bookstores.

For the new book, we really thought about how we personally work in the visual journal - not just the techniques, but the methods, themes, and practical ideas. We really considered how our approach differs from others out there. Where The Journal Junkies Workshop is a basic resource book for working in the visual journal, the new book will actually be a year-long course with ideas and techniques broken into monthly missions giving the reader some very specific prompts and themes to work with (all of which have been ideas that we have personally reflected on and worked with throughout the years in our own journals). It will be full of new and specific techniques, but each month will ask the reader to focus on and explore certain themes and techniques giving the reader a glimpse into our modus operandi - mode of working.

We'll post updates along the way.

Oh, just a hint, the JFJ Challenge is actually centered around ideas and themes for the monthly missions of the new book, so we are giving you a bit of a sneak peak. But the book is going to be filled with a lot of cool new ideas.

We are very excited.