Library Fun


Last week was a rather busy week, and leading two workshops at local libraries as part of Teen Read Week added to the busyness, but also provided a lot of fun.


On Tuesday night, I worked with a few participants in a visual journal workshop at Rust Library in Leesburg, VA. I shared my journals and how I use them, and then I led the participants through some techniques and ideas that I use in my journals. Everyone worked on a couple of pieces of mixed media paper and created pieces that incorporated watercolor paint, collage, watercolor pencil, and writing. It's always fun to get messy and creative.


On Wednesday night, I worked with a slightly larger group in a mural painting workshop at Cascades Library in Potomac Falls, VA. Working on a primed piece of canvas, we began by painting in shapes and lines of color, and then added in some collage from newspaper and magazines. The participants were then asked to think about some of their favorite activities and some adjectives to describe themselves. We then incorporated some of the ideas and words to finish up the mural. Eventually the canvas will be hung in the library. Again, it was messy, creative, and fun.

Check out the finished mural at the top of the post!

Although both workshops had a small number of participants, I always love connecting with people through art, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I'm hoping to do more in the future!