Daily Challenge Example

I think that one misconception that people have about working in a visual journal or an art journal is the notion that each page is a separate piece of art that is started and completed before moving onto the next page. That approach might work for some, but it never worked for me.

For me the visual journal is an accumulation of small actions that build up over time, sometimes weeks or even months. As I've been working on the challenges, I've let them build up slowly one on top of another, so the pages have become the result of many challenges, not a response to single challenge. This leads to a richer journal where ideas and techniques mix and mingle allowing for new ideas to emerge.

In my latest video, I share how I have typically been using the challenges to add to pages that I've already started or to put the first inklings on a page. I share one of the challenges from a couple of weeks ago - Text Embellishment: Color. I use this idea a couple of different ways on a couple of different pages. As more things get added to these pages over the next couple of months, they'll become richer, more textured, and more developed.

To see how small actions like the Daily Challenge have created rich journal pages, check out the video where I share the big journal where I started the challenge back in January.

I hope that you enjoy this little peek into my process!