Journal Friday #49: Building Layers

It's been a busy week, so I haven't had a chance to work too much in the journal. But I've done a little bit, mostly building layers on top things already on the page using some of the same materials - watercolor and watercolor pencil.

Building Layers 1.jpg

I have a tendency to use watercolor pencil to create structure on the pages by adding repeated lines and shapes, but instead of filling in the shapes with color, I shade around the shape and spread the pigment into the negative space.

Building Layers 2.jpg
Building Layers 3.jpg
Building Layers 5.jpg

I also started a two-page spread as a demo for a workshop that I taught during the week all about building layers in the journal. Often the techniques in the demos are a bit sloppy and not as carefully done as techniques done in the studio. But I like the spontaneous nature of the marks, and it'll be interesting to build on them later.

Building Layers 7.jpg

Finally, today I started a two-page spread using ideas for my upcoming Mapping the Journey workshop in Asheville, NC in May. I'm also toying around with the idea of turning it into a more in depth online workshop. 

Building Layers 8.jpg

I love how the layers build up on a page and solidify the structure of the composition. I'll probably start working with more themes and images soon.