Artful Layers at Larkin Arts


Please join me on April 14th for my Artful Layers workshop at Larkin Arts. I'm excited to be returning to this awesome art gem in Harrisonburg, VA to bring a full-day version of this workshop to the Shenandoah Valley.

$150, with an additional $15 materials fee

Immerse yourself in the art of mixed media layering, and delve deeply into a wide range of techniques for creating artful layers in your work. The focus of this workshop is on developing imagery with complexity and subtlety as you explore the vast possibilities of layering materials, ideas, and images and incorporating personal themes, ideas, and images. Explore how to build up color and texture using transparent media like watercolors and water-soluble pencil. Discover the layering possibilities for using papers such as vellum, tracing paper, and tissue paper to incorporate color, writing, and drawing. Experiment with collage, image transfers, and personal text to develop narratives and themes. Learn to embellish and enhance elements to draw out focus and detail, and walk away with a variety of richly layered work.

Check out the Larkin Arts website for more info!