Clear the Studio Sale!


I recently cleaned up the studio, and realized that I have a whole lot of artwork taking up space. So, I want to clear the studio of as much old artwork as I can to make way for new work. So, just in time for the holidays, I'm having a Clear the Studio Sale! It'll start this Friday, November 24th, and go for three weeks through Friday, December 15th.

Scan 75.jpeg
Scan 166.jpeg
Scan 170.jpeg

I'm putting all of my drawings, paintings, mixed pieces, and sculptures on sale in the Shop, and you'll be able to save 25% off all of it! I'll have everything from small 4"x6" exploratory pieces to full scale paintings ready to hang on the wall. Just use the code CLEARSTUDIO to get your 25% off starting this Friday, and I'll get it shipped out to you as soon as I can. And all prices include shipping and handling!

The Best Gifts are from the heART!

If you're looking for unique, one-of-a-kind gifts for the upcoming holidays, I have a number things in the JFJ Big Cartel Shop. Although most of my larger work is on display in Lexington, VA at Gladiola Girls, I have quite a few smaller paintings and mixed media pieces in the shop, including the radiating design above, and the monster painting below.

I also have some polymer clay monster sculptures and monster pendants.

And for the teacher in your life, there are digital downloads!

Finally, I have an online workshop that I launched last year!

Check out all of my goodies, and act fast so things can ship in time for Christmas!

Purchase the 15 for 30 Challenge Now!

The 15 for 30 Visual Journal Challenge was a huge success, and I am grateful for everyone who participated. I had several art educators contact me about the possibility of using the challenge in their classrooms, so I have created a suite of items for purchase.

But it's not just for educators. Its for anyone wishing to push their journaling further, and it includes several extras and add-ons that the original challenge didn't have.

For just 5 bucks you get the following:

  • a 40-page PDF of the Challenge. Print it out for handy task cards.
  • a 32-slide PowerPoint ready to go in any classroom.
  • a 3-page PDF of progress charts to keep track of the challenge and to create your own.
  • a PDF of 22 inspiration cards. Print them out and cut them apart for simple creative nudges.
All delivered via email to your inbox.

So head on over to the JFJ Shop to purchase yours today!

NAEA CDs and Kits

I just finished updating the JFJ website, and I have included the CDs from our presentations at the NAEA Convention in our Shop. Available for purchase for $13.00 each (includes shipping and handling). So if you missed picking one up, go to the Shop, or click the Buy Now buttons below.

The Journey to Choice
This CD includes a wealth of information and images making it valuable to any art educator who wants to move away from cookie cutter projects and into more authentic means of artmaking for students.
The CD includes:
  • The PowerPoint and Notes from the presentation
  • Assessment information
  • Nearly 40 instructional menus including clay, paint, collage and more
  • 100 images of student work
  • Photos of Eric's classroom and center set-up
  • Several sample lesson plans
  • A free journal tutorial and a free print out of prints and cards
includes S&H

Visual Journals 101
This CD includes a wealth of information and images about the visual journal making it valuable to not just art educators, but to anyone interested in the visual journal. 
The CD includes:
  • The PowerPoint and Notes from the presentation
  • Assessment information
  • Assignments and Prompts
  • 100 images of Eric and David's journal pages
  • 100 images of student pages (high school)
  • Resources and How-tos
  • Workshop Packet
  • A free journal tutorial and a free print out of prints and cards
includes S&H

I have also included two journal kits that we have used in recent workshops including our Pre-Convention Workshops for NAEA. For more information, go to the Shop.

Journal Kit 1 - $37.00, includes shipping and handling.

includes S&H

Journal Kit 2 - $32.00, includes shipping and handling

includes S&H

Product of the Week - Art Print: Find Common Ground

This two-page journal print is color laser-printed onto 11"x8.5" acid-free, matte laser photo paper and is packaged in a clear poly bag with a stiff, acid-free cardboard backer. The print is not attached to the backer allowing for multiple framing possibilities.

It is only $15.00 plus S&H and is available on our website here along with other prints and merchandise. Using Paypal, we are able to accept PayPal as well as all major credit and debit cards.

Product of the Week - JFJ euro Sticker

It's been a couple of weeks since I was able to feature a product off our website. So here it is. The Journal Fodder Junkies Euro sticker. For just $3.00 each, you can proudly proclaim yourself a Journal Fodder Junkie. Slap one on the front of your journal, the bumper of your car, the window of your bedroom, or nearly anywhere else. Visit the online shop here, and find the sticker and much more.

Product of the Week - JFJ Postcard Set

This week's featured item is a set of ten (10) Journal Fodder Junkies postcards - 5 of mine and 5 of Dave's. Each full-colored card is laser-printed onto 4"x6" photo paper and packaged in a self-sealing poly bag. Each set is $10.00 USD plus shipping and handling. If interested in this and other JFJ merchandise, visit our online shop. We can accept all major credit and debit cards as well as PayPal.

Product of the Week

This week's featured product is a small booklet of select pages from both my and Dave's journals. Each 4.75"x6" booklet is laser printed in full color on 32 lb paper with 20 pages of journal pages, and each booklet is hand-assembled, saddle-stapled, and hand-trimmed. Each booklet is $10.00 USD with shipping and handling, and payments are handled through our PayPal shop with domestic and international shipping. Each booklet makes for a nice gift for anyone who admires the journal pages of the Journal Fodder Junkies. Please visit our website and online shop to purchase the booklet and other merchandise.