Something in the Works!

I've been excitedly working on a new project over the past week after attending a talk by friend and writing coach David Hazard. David talked at a local library about becoming a self published author and how easy it is now with print-on-demand technology. It got me thinking about the possibilities of self publishing more Journal Fodder Junkies books as well as some other books that I have had in mind.

An idea has been brewing inside of my brain for the last few months, and I kept thinking about how I could bring it to fruition. David's talk sparked a catharsis, and I now have a clear direction in mind. Over the past couple of days I have been brainstorming, writing, and diving back into old journals working on an idea for a new book.

That's right, I want to self publish a new book, and I'm setting myself a deadline of next spring to get it done. I'll nail down an exact date in a couple of months when I get a bit further along in the process. I won't share too many details right now, and I think I have a title. I need to think about it a bit more, but my idea is to create another visual journaling book that would fit in with our other two books - 8.5"x11" with 144 pages, full color. I'll share more details over time.

I'm so excited! I can't wait to share this new creation with the world. But I'll have to wait because I'm just in the very first stages. Until then, I'll be sharing my progress.

Saturday Fun - Line and Wine

This past Saturday was my first Line and Wine workshop in my home studio (also known as the garage). I think this time of year is a busy time for lots of people, so it was a very small and intimate class of one. My friend Marcia stopped by, and we spent a couple of hours painting.

I led Marcia on a little exploration of drawing intuitive lines before tackling the 16x20 inch canvas, and then we painted. It was great getting a chance to know Marcia better, and to spend time teaching painting skills. Though I might not be a public school teacher, I am still a teacher, and I am looking forward to my upcoming Line and Wine classes.

Though this intuitive process usually leads to rather abstract or non-objective results, it doesn't have to, and the painter is free to turn the lines into something recognizable. Neither Marcia's paint nor mine went in a representational direction, but I love the fact that our paintings are completely different. I just can't teach someone to make exactly what I'm making.

I want to thank Marcia for coming out to my inaugural class. It was a lot of fun. I'm hoping to present this class in the future at some of the local wineries.

Art at the Mill

Photo from the Clarke County Historical Association
I am pleased to announce that I had eight pieces accepted for the Art at the Mill exhibit at the historic Burwell-Morgan Mill in Millwood, VA. This annual event brings together approximately 1000 works of art by 300 artists, and I am excited to be one of them this year.

Along with some older artwork, I have Meditate (above) and Radiate (below) in the exhibit. If you want to see it along with a whole heck of a lot of other art, the exhibit is open daily now until October 16. I haven't had a chance to check it out yet, but I'm hoping to get there before it closes. I hope you can make it out!

Cascades Arts & Crafts Fair

There's a lot going on in October, and I have been busy making, painting, and creating trying to get ready for it all.

Today I want to invite you out this Saturday, October 1, to the 2016 Cascades Arts & Crafts Fair hosted by the Loudoun County Senior Center at Cascades Advisory Board. I'll be there along with other local artists hawking my wares!

I'll have a bunch of new polymer clay monsters along with monster head pendants, and I'll have a bunch of new artwork as well. So come on out from 9 AM to 3 PM this Saturday to see what I've been making in the studio. The arts and crafts fair will be located in the parking lot of the senior center 21060 Whitfield Place, Sterling, VA. I hope that you can make it out!

Something in the Works

One thing that I have learned about being a full time artist over the past few weeks, is that about half of my time is spent on the computer working on things that are not directly related to actually making art. I've spent a lot of time working on workshop proposals, emailing people about workshops and displaying art, and creating a variety of resources. And that's what today has been all about - the computer, but I have made a lot of headway on a new resource that I hope to have uploaded to the JFJ Online Shop by next Monday.

I've spent a good portion of the last two days translating my art challenge from July, the Big Idea Challenge, into some ready to use resources for artists, teachers, and the general public. This is going to be similar to what I did with the 15 for 30 Challenge that's in the shop now. There will be a PDF, PowerPoint, and a couple of extras available for download all for just $5.00. So look for this new resource in the shop by Monday, Sept 19!

New Painting Workshops for October and November

You've probably seen how popular the paint and wine events have become at restaurants, bars, and wineries over the last couple of years. I certainly have, and I've been contemplating how I can put my own spin on this idea because I don't want to lead a group of people to all paint the same thing.

So, I came up with Line and Wine, a two-hour painting class where we'll use an intuitive approach to create completely unique and original paintings.

Before I approach the local wineries, I thought that I'd try it out first in my studio in Purcellville, VA with small groups so that I could get some photos and feedback. So, I'm inviting you to come to my studio on one or more of four dates in October and November, to try it out.

Classes like this are typically $35 to $45 dollars for a two hour experience, but I'm offering mine for $30. That's about a 15% to 30% discount! Now, I can't legally include wine in the price of class, but refreshments, including adult beverages will be available for everyone to enjoy at no charge. Included in the price is a 16 x 20 inch canvas, access to all materials and equipment needed, and one of six spots in my studio.

That's right, I'll only have six spots available for each class. That's why I'm offering it four times, so make sure to sign up soon. The first class is just a month away!
  • Saturday, October 15, 1-3PM
  • Wednesday, October 19, 7-9PM
  • Sunday, November 13, 1-3PM
  • Tuesday, November 15, 7-9PM

Once you sign up, you'll receive an email with details and directions.

Click here to see a full description and to sign up!

I'm on a Mission!

I have always loved making art and sharing it with people. Growing up in Washington, PA, I couldn't wait to share my latest drawings with family and friends, and I always lugged a sketchbook or drawing pad nearly everywhere that I went. That hasn't changed much over the years, but now with computers, the Internet, and social media it's easy to share not just with friends and family, but with the world.

Though I may no longer be a public school teacher, I will always be a teacher, and I will always look for ways to share my art, my techniques, my thoughts, and myself. To that end, I have rededicated myself to making videos and helping people tap into their creativity. I threw together a short video announcing my mission. Check it out below, and look for more videos to come soon.