As with most of my pages, this page is the result of many layers being built up over time. It began with watercolor pencil, and over several months I slowly added more and more layers of various media and techniques. The final layer was acrylic paint.

The theme of this page did not come for a while. I never have a preconceived notion about how I want a page to turn out. It's really about the process of working in the journal, building layers, and adding meaning when it seems fit. The theme of Memory came after I began to think about what my art is all about. The more I thought about it, the more I saw the build up of layers, the collage, the transparencies, and overlapping forms as similar to the way I mentally see thoughts and memories. I experience memories and thoughts in an "all-at-once" fashion. Words, images, colors, events, names, faces, and such come at me simultaneously. I rarely remember things like a film running through my mind.

So this piece has physical layers and psychological layers as well.