Journal Friday #61: Red Ink

Red Ink 5.jpg

As I've mentioned before, my visual journal pages are a slow accumulation of actions, and often what that means is that I sit down with a specific material and work on quite a few pages at once. Sometimes I sit down with watercolor paint, or watercolor pencil, or with scissors and glue. This week it was my red uni-ball pen. The uni-ball Vision pen is my go to pen, and I always have a black, blue, and red on me. This week I spent time revisiting pages and embellishing words, images and shapes.

Besides embellishing, I used my uni-ball to do some writing in the journal using several writing techniques including stream of consciousness and note taking. The note taking was doing a little bit of research for a new series of artworks that I am working on. I've been focusing on the idea of relics, so I looked up definitions on a variety of dictionary websites.


So, it was just a few minor things this week, but not all actions in the journal can be grand and big. Often they are small details and embellishments that build depth and meaning.