Journal Friday #62: Building Layers


I've been working in my current big journal for 3 and half months now, and some pages are really starting to take shape, so I spent time this week building up layers on pages that already have a lot going on.

When I begin pages, I often have no idea where they're going, and themes and concepts often develop as the page progresses. I worked on a few pages this week using stencils and drawing words as ideas popped in my head. Sometimes the words are in response to what's happening on the page. Sometimes they're from reflective writing, and sometimes they're reactions to things that I've read, heard, or seen.

Along with adding writing and words, I broke out the Chartpak blender marker and created several image transfers with some photocopies that I have lying around. Image transfers are an easy way to add imagery, and the marker transfer results in a fuzzy, transparent image that is perfect for layering over top of other materials.

I also added some imagery with my pen, and drew on a few pages. I love to draw monsters, so I spent time experimenting with a variety of silly, sad, and confused little beasts. I also added a stylized face to another page. Though I often use my pens to draw rectangles, lines, and shapes, it's nice to break out some recognizable imagery once in a while.

I always enjoy how pages develop over time and seeing how different pages can of in completely different directions!