Journal Friday #85


Today was spent in the studio working on the video components of a new online workshop. Mapping the Journey is based on a workshop that Dave and I have taught a couple of times, but goes much deeper with the techniques and concepts.


As I worked on the workshop, I decided to create two different journal spreads — one while I shot the step-by-step photos for a PDF download and one for the video. Both use the same process, and the results are similar, but it’s good to see how different choices can lead to different results. I’ve gone through this workshop several times, and I always get something different from it.

The workshop is packed with different techniques, both for the art making and for coming up with ideas and concepts to explore. I’m excited to get the workshop wrapped up, and get it online. I originally was hoping to get it ready for release by the end of November, but I still need to do a lot of video editing and writing. I’m hoping to get everything done this week. So stay tuned for details.